1. She Saw

From the recording Dangerous Love (Vol. 1)


I once had a woman
I thought she was real
She was the princess of my nights
But I don’t think about her too much anymore
She was taste
She was color
She was freedom
She was light…

She saw, she saw
The look in my eye
When so many others just laughed and scratched at me
Passing my tendernesses by

She came on like gangbusters
I came like a river
Flow creates flow
There were sensual moments and thoughts to explore
There were kisses so deep and erotically pure
But the sexiest part was just talking to her
And to see what she saw
What she saw…

I once had a woman
I gave her my life
She was the best friend that I had
But I doubted myself more than I doubted her
And she sensed that very fast

When she saw, she saw
The fear in my eye
Then quicker than mercury sensing its’ gravity
Well, she mercifully, mercifully, mercifully
Bid me goodbye

Fare thee well to the child in me she took away
Fare thee well to those ephemeral naivetés
Fare thee well to the lick and the touch and the scream
Fare the well to the dream
Fare thee well to the dream
Fare thee well to the dream

Words and Music by Richard Baskin