1. In The Mood

From the recording Dangerous Love (Vol. 1)



The sky was black and the moon was blue
A heat was on the wind
The leaves were shaking to the breath of God
You could feel the planet spin
Out of the darkness a falling star
Cracked the midnight air
I felt the trembling of a fallen bird
Then I saw you standing there…
And it put me…

In the mood for communication
In the mood for touch,
In the mood for exhilaration,
Your eyes they said as much
In the mood for intoxication,
In the mood for trust
In the mood for emancipation
From this hard heart’s wanderlust

You looked at me and I looked at you,
And then the truth was told
For in that moment I could see
Down to the bottom of your soul
So many lives and so many miles
That could have come between
Evaporate into the night’s dark promise
Like some shadow that nobody wants to see

And it put me…

In the mood for investigation
In the mood to please
In the mood for liberation
From the sex, the talk, the tease
In the mood for contemplation
In the mood for thought
In the mood for some sweet salvation
‘Tween the given and the got


Who knows what price the lovers pay?
Two single arcs of light
Two sailors crossing on a sea of passion
Till their hearts touch in the night
The moment comes and the moment goes
But when the deed is done
There’s always so much left to say
When I woke up she was gone

And it put me in the mood
In the mood,
And it put me in the mood
In the mood,
And it put me in the mood
In the mood,
In the mood,
In the mood…

Words and Music by Richard Baskin