1. Dangerous Love

From the recording Dangerous Love (Vol. 2)



I’ve seen the child in our eyes
Killed by a casual remark
I’ve seen the pain, the cruel demise
The dimming of the spark

I’ve seen our willingness to speak
Turned into nothing left to say
And promises meant to keep
Mean nothing today

It’s taken this time to discover
What it’s all about
It’s taken this lifetime
To find the way out
To find the way out of
Dangerous love…
Dangerous love…

We kept the count of crimes per day
We were the blood,
We were the blame,
Our poison tally kept love at bay
Crucifying us in our own names

And when the sport was finally done
When the animals were found
Two hearts that beat as one
Lie dead on the ground

It’s taken this life to discover
Where the story bends:
Not fit to be lovers,
Not fit to be friends
That’s how it ends in
Dangerous love…
Dangerous love…
Dangerous love…
Dangerous love…

Words and Music by Richard Baskin